HR Interview Questions And Answers Asked Frequently 2021

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HR Interview Questions And Answers Asked Frequently

Getting a job is beyond creating a killer resume and cover letter. The final challenge is your job interview and let’s be honest that scares even the best of us. Being evaluated by people within a time span; who have your future in their hands is the most difficult step in everyone’s career.

If you have already gone through HR interviews, you must have heard them say that there are no right or wrong answers to any question. But they say it to calm you down before the interview. The HR screening interview always has questions that need to be answered in a specific way.

So, we are going to cover the most common HR interview questions and answers in this article, hoping to help you with your HR interview by the time you are done reading.

1. What do you dislike the most about your present job?

What does it mean?
HR often asks this question to understand if you are trustworthy and test your loyalty. As an experienced employee, you may be leaving because you are unhappy with something, but there is no need to tell this to your potential employer.

How will you answer?
Be diplomatic. Point out your strength, your passion, and what you can bring to the table. The thing you dislike the most can be something that the new job can solve for you or allows you to pursue. 

2. Why should we hire you?

What does it mean?
This is the HR question which decides whether you are confident or arrogant.

How will you answer?
Make sure to present the answer in a way that shows you need the job as much as the company needs you. Learn more about the company, map your skills, and illustrate how you can add value to the team. Remember not to compare yourself to other candidates.

3. Why do you want to work here?

What does it mean?
This HR question is to make sure you have put thought into your decision to work with their company. They want to determine if you are a good fit and how will you add value to the team.

How will you answer?
However the most obvious answer may be “It pays me better than my current job,” you should not say that. Take the time to go through the company’s ‘About’ page and social accounts to understand them. Go through their work and try to understand their working culture better. You might find something that will spark your interest and use that learning to answer the HR why you would like to be a part of the company.

4. What is your biggest weakness?

What does it mean?
HR round interview usually includes this question to see how comfortable you are talking about your flaws and if you are willing to make an effort to improve them.

How will you answer?
Saying “I don’t have any” or “I am very hard working” is simply just lying and defeats the aim of the question. The best way would be to select a weakness that you are working to improve. Be honest and explain that you are solution-focused.

5. What is your biggest strength?

What does it mean?
This is your time to shine. Stand out from the rest of the candidates by highlighting your expertise and competencies to HR.

How will you answer?
You may have a wealth of positive attributes and talents, but carefully choose the ones that suit the role you are applying for, no matter it is skill-based or character-based. Give specific examples of how you applied your strengths to drive organizational success and avoid using commonly used terms that HR may have heard a thousand times by other candidates, like – team worker, quick learner, punctual, honest, etc.

6. How do you deal with conflict?

What does it mean?
Workplace conflict is inevitable. This HR question is to determine how you are capable of handling the situation. Employers want to hire someone who they know can rise to the occasion and do the right thing in difficult situations.

How will you answer?
Solving problems will require you to be a good listener. So, give an example that explains you have empathy and good problem-solving skills. This HR question is to know that even when you did not completely agree with the other point of view; you tried to come up with a solution that was acceptable to both parties.

7. Do you have any questions?

What does it mean?
The reason that HR asks this question is to find out if you are truly interested in knowing more about the position/company.
How will you answer?
Make sure that your questions are well thought and not random. You should ask smart questions about the company, and preferably, questions related to the role, too.

Remember that the HR professional will ask you a set of HR interview questions with the purpose to gauge your basic skills and interest in the role. These questions have to be answered in a way to clarify various points about your application and resume. Acing these questions will help you to clear the HR interview, so be careful while answering these questions. Craft your words carefully and we are sure that you will land your dream job in no time!

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